Like 6 Comments |. Rohit Ranjan. America today woke up to the news that brain cancer has been detected in more than 100 former students at a New Jersey . Komorek said the superintendent thanked her for her research and said a consultant would have to review her findings. This is a high bar to clear. Pollution gets cleaned up or dissipates into the air. Since posting this a few days ago, the current number of confirmed (as of 1900 hours, 3/14) has now grown to 61 individuals. A cancer survivor is vowing to untangle the twisted mystery of why almost 100 people associated with a New Jersey high school have developed "extremely" rare malignant brain tumours. Environmental scientist Al Lupiano is among 94 former students and staff from Colonia High School in Woodbridge, New Jersey, who have been diagnosed with rare brain tumors. As of right now (I need a breakhave to put this down for the night), the list has swelled to 80 cases! Something is wrong here, he said. (Gosselin Funeral Home) In August 2021, DeCillis received . The sizes of neighborhood clusters are often too small to yield statistically significant results. Lupiano and his wife, also is a Colonia High School grad, also developed brain tumors. "Im not sure what they will propose, but I hope this is going to include comprehensive soil, ground, water (testing)," she said. Trinity was led by Mike Bednostin who had a game-high 24 points. Federal investigations take place: An investigation by the Environmental Protection Agency is being done to determine whether these 100-plus cases are a cancer cluster, or simply a coincidence, Fox News reported. One month later, Mayor McCormac echoed this sentiment to me: Its frustrating that people who hoped that there was no radiation on the site now are upset that theres not, he said. PROMISING CANCER VACCINE IN THE WORKS UTILIZING SIMILAR MRNA TECHNOLOGY THAT COMBATS COVID: DUKE RESEARCHERS. In the meantime, the investigation continues. A cluster of brain tumors and cancer in people associated with a single New Jersey high school is causing concern. A cluster of brain tumors in people associated with a single New Jersey high school, Colonia High School, is causing concern. The draft guidelines promote listening skills and empathy on the part of state and local health department representatives, the sharing of information upon which decisions are made, and developing communication plans in advance of concerns being raised to build trust and credibility, said Dr. Breysse. observed in 1990. Colonia High School. Three weeks ago, I made a promise to my beloved sister on her deathbed I will uncover the truth! Fox News reported that the plant received uranium, thorium and beryllium ores between the 1940s and 1967, which is the same year Colonia High School was built.. About one in three people will develop cancer over a lifetime, and one in five will die from it. The analysis can back with PCBs above federal and state standards as well as pesticides that were banned in 1988," she said. said Woodbridge Mayor John McCormac. Even before Mr. Lupianos list had reached 100 people, it had drawn the attention of local and national news media and had catalyzed public officials to act. A Record of Decision (ROD) for Soils was signed September 2005. "The results we have is not something the Department of Health, or DEP, or anyone, can rely on. Al Lupiano, a graduate of Colonia High School, tells Fox News Digital that since posting his theory about an apparent link between brain tumor diagnoses in 1990s and early 2000s graduates of . But, according to the petition launched Tuesday, complete results aren't even anticipated to be received until the end of May. Two environmentalists are using a GPS to test for radiation at the high school, which is still open, the television station reported. Al Lupiano, a 1989 graduate of the school, has identified 65 Colonia High graduates, including himself and two other members of his family, who have been diagnosed with an extremely rare brain cancer. I don't get that," he said. Angela died from it. Officials also reviewed local data on naturally occurring radioactive deposits and followed up on reports of a radioactive rock discovered in a science classroom in 1997. On May 26, Mayor McCormac and state environmental and public health officials held a news conference in the high schools gymnasium to share their final determination: There was no indication of any potential radiological hazards that would warrant further inquiry. Email tips or on Twitter at @audpants. 2023 FOX News Network, LLC. Very often the first time public health officials learn about a potential community health threat, said Dr. Morello-Frosch, is through community members themselves.. RWJBarnabas Health and Cooperman Barnabas Medical Center in partnership with Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey - the state's only NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center - brings a world class team of researchers and specialists to fight alongside you, providing close-to-home access to the latest treatment and clinical trials. According to the Associated Press, a simple classroomdemonstrationof a Geiger counter resulted in panic when the radiation detectorshowed troubling results when a loud clamor was heard over a rock. On April 10, Mr. Lupiano's list of former students and staff members with primary brain tumors hit 100 names. The school has stayed open, with local officials apparently telling parents that "at this time, there is no discernable health or wellness threat to students, staff, or visitors at Colonia High School," according to the petition writers. Middlesex County's Colonia High School, located in Woodbridge, has made national headlines in recent weeks after over 100 former students and facultywere found to have been diagnosed with rare brain tumors. Wish me luck! But this isn't the first time the high school has had questions about the radiation levels in the area. So, why am I asking for help? He was raised in Thornton, CO and moved to Liberal, Kansas where he married and had two girls, Chelsey and Amber. This is alarming if true! "I have full faith they will get to the bottom of this and they will figure out what is going on," she said at the time. "We immediately contacted our environmental consultants, the health department of the Township of Woodbridge, and township officials to review the information. That means we have an incident rate of 15 cases out of 5,000 people. I hope the state will treat the school the same way because now we have kids who are susceptible receptors involved, and the teachers too," she said. And the soil was right below where the caulking is.". Colonia High School is 1 of 3 high schools in . r indicating there were no radiological hazards at Colonia High School, Some in Colonia not satisfied after no radiological hazards found at school, developed a list of more than 120 people who were students, teachers or staff members at the school from the 1970s to 1990s who have apparently developed brain tumors, Your California Privacy Rights / Privacy Policy. They weren't taken by a licensed remediation specialist, so I assume our consultants are going to come up with a plan to do some testing, but it will be official by state and federal testing," the mayor said. People who have been exposed to ionizing radiation have an increased risk of developing primary brain tumors, whether they are malignant or benign, according to the Mayo Clinic. Mutual Fund and ETF data provided by Refinitiv Lipper. Print |. NEW JERSEY - A New Jersey man has uncovered a medical mystery apparently linking more than 100 people . According to, Colonia High opened in 1967, built on woodland property near the Garden State Parkway, in the communitys estate section, surrounded by residential neighborhoods.. Parents like Dawn Genoni are willing to wait for those results -- at least at the time Genoni spoke to News 4 last month. Legal Statement. Tech & Science Science Health and Medicine Brain Cancer. Edyta Komorek is a professional environmental scientist. Brian Thompson reports. Whether it be for a sporting event, concert, or other popular event, there's a good chance you'll be making your way to the Newark arena dubbed 'The Rock' at some point in the near future. Ray Kent Carlile, "Ray Cool Cat Carlile" was born in Wichita, Kansas May 20, 1957 to Margaret and Earl Carlile and passed away at his home in Canon City on February 23, 2023. Something Is Wrong Here. More Than 100 Local Residents Had Brain Tumors, but What Was the Cause? 3/29 UPATE: The list has continued to grow, and now stands at 65 individuals. Al Lupiano, speaking to CBS2, said the rare brain tumors were discovered in people who attended Colonia High School. By Ed Browne On 4/25/22 at 11:00 AM EDT. 100 families having to be told the terrible news. Despite the number of cases, officials first have to determine if scientific evidence indeed indicates a connection between the school grounds and the brain tumors. Since cancer can take such a long time to manifest, evidence of what caused it has ample time to disappear. The school was one of the first buildings constructed there and has since been expanded. New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection building. Schools in North Brunswick and Trenton, as well as in Greenwich, Conn., and Northport, N.Y., were discovered to have been constructed on or near contaminated soils. If you are or know of a friend, family member, or teacher that was diagnosed with a PRIMARY brain tumor, please contact me. An alum of Colonia High School in Woodbridge is raising the alarm over a possible cancer cluster among the school's graduates. When faced with terminal disease, people often look for an overarching explanation as a way to cope with an unbearable reality. Mutual Fund and ETF data provided by Refinitiv Lipper. Dr. Marc Siegel discusses brain tumors that emerged among former Colonia High School students on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight.'. Updated: Feb 28, 2023 / 03:42 PM EST. In 1980s, the contaminated residential properties were cleaned up, and the excavated soil was stored at the site in a specially constructed pile, known as the Vicinity Properties (VP) pile. Al Lupiano . I'm doing this not only for my wife, my sister my nieces are currently in the school but this deserves further understanding. Was it the street or neighborhood where we grew up linking us? New Jersey dad fights to have daughter returned to the U.S. NJ state budget delivers another crushing blow to residents (Opinion), Equal Employment Opportunity Policy and EEO Report. "That was a red flag," said Komorek who also collected a caulk sample from outside the school and soil samples, both of which also came back for PCBs. More say the information flow is sorely lacking. But many in the community do not accept them. is continuing. 3/31 UPDATE: Thanks to all of you, the post has gone viral. Caitlyn Shelton. Of special note: many are former CHS teachers and staff members who didnt live in Colonia, they just worked in the school. Even more troubling? "They are all causing cancer.". 100 stories of shock and disbelief with the diagnosis. If you would like to help, please contact the news and media agencies as well as your local, County, and State officials and get them involved. I will not rest until I find the answer! 3/25 UPDATE: The meetings with County, State, and Federal agencies are going well. So that's why I focused on cancerous or malignant and benign because they're triggered by the same thing, and we have really solid statistics to say all. All the testing, both by Komorek and the district, came after 108 people from over a period of three decades ending in the early 2000s who attended the school were diagnosed with brain tumors. After Al Lupiano, his wife and his sister developed brain tumors, he reached out to former classmates at their New Jersey high school to see if they had similar problems. Advocates for an official investigation into fears of a "cancer cluster" at the Middlesex County high school say there are parallels to the notorious water system contamination in the Ocean County town that was blamed for more than 130 cases of childhood cancer in the 1990s. "It is not enough to address parents of operating school with suspected cancer cluster through written statements given to media outlets," the petition said. (Al Lupiano), Lupaino says he has witnessed, in his career, "what happens when our government and our military [are] involved with leaving a location and not being very good environmental stewards. "Most of them during the years of 1972 to 2000," said Matthew Stanmyre with NJ Advance Media, who broke the . The city of Woodbridge has been taking the lead on that front, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars for testing at a school that graduated roughly 15,000 people over the last 30 years. Anyone can read what you share. Lupiano was diagnosed with a rare and abnormally large brain tumour Acoustic Neuroma (AN) in 1999 when he was just 27 years old. "I dont know that we know enough yet to be definitive in terms of causation, et cetera.". "[A]t least pick up the phone and say, Hey Al, what do you see? And I would be happy here's my list. Follow The New York Times Opinion section on Facebook, Twitter (@NYTopinion) and Instagram. Trng Vng High School. Theres something special about cancer, said Richard Clapp, a cancer epidemiologist and a professor emeritus at Boston University. Colonia High School was reportedly the common denominator among those suffering from the tumors Credit: CBS NEW YORK. The Woodbridge town council spent $221,000 to deploy 83 radon testing devices and conduct radiological testing at the school building and encircling 28-acre campus. There's lots and lots of people calling me, saying, 'Look, I didn't go to the high school, but I live a mile away, and we call our block cancer alley. Never did I think when I started this post I would hit this number! Market data provided by Factset. She sent them to independent laboratories and says the results were alarming. Taking the next steps to begin the investigation. In the 1980[s], the contaminated residential properties were cleaned up, and the excavated soil was stored at the site in a specially constructed pile, known as the Vicinity Properties (VP) pile," the USACE New York Division's website states.

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