Whether you're developing a web app, mobile app for iPhone or Android, desktop app or for the latest wearable technology.

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Our goal – Help you get your valuable software into the hands of real users as fast as possible.

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Plan it

Let's meet up and chat, we will work with you to organize your thoughts and get it into a plan which we can act on.

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Design it

Lets take your plan, and design up a rough wireframe for you and your team, then we design it in full colour.

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Yay! Launch it

After your app is coded, we'll launch it to the Apple AppStore, and Google Play store under your brand.


Over the years we have built a suite of ready made solutions to help you and your business grow. Pick any of them, get started in 5 seconds.

SMS for Call Centres

Our complete callcentre software for sms communications. Generate, and manage leads via SMS.

Facebook Ads / Google Ads

Dynamic or Static Ad automation, our software connects your inventory to Facebook & Google's Ad networks

Artificial Intelligence

Our AI (Artificial Intelligence) software can learn your customer's behaviour, automating processes, reduce man power + increase productivity

Telephony + VOIP

Bhatt.ca is one of the largest telephony providers, facilitating a network and software between the big 3 telcos and your company.

SMS to Gmail & Outlook

Customers can text questions to your company phone number, and all your staff can serve customers by simply replying to the email notification they receive

Anonymous Texting

Political Rallies, large events, or even singles events, allow your audience to communicate, but keep everyone's privacy

Amazon Echo

We develop Apps for Amazon Echo, make Alexa part of your brand

Google Home

Google Home is a personal assistant that's growing in popularity, add your company or your idea to this new platform

Apple HomeKit

Apple HomeKit is a home automation kit which is embedded in peoples lives, your apps can be built for this growing platform

Virtual Reality

Samsung, Microsoft and Facebook are making big movements into the virtual reality space. Your brand should be there too


Apple Watch, Android Watches and other wearable technologies are becoming more popular, a space your brand should be part of

Social Media

We develop apps for Facebook, Instagram, Google & Twitter plus any other social media platform on the planet


Each one of our clients are unique. The challenges are unique, but through innovation and perseverance, together we've been successful

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We took on the exciting challenge of innovating a world wide brand, Booster Juice has nearly 400 world wide locations.

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Crystal Glass

With CrystalGlass.ca a $100 million/annual sales. We developed a Website, iPhone & Android Apps, customized CRM solution for their 72 locations. They continue to use our robust telephony network for critical communications.

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Merit Alberta

MeritAlberta.com represents about 40,000 of Canada's labour force. We developed their website & online e-learning solution, iPhone and Android App for mobile phone and tablets, with a built in Spirit Level & Tetris style game.

Awards & Recognition

Don’t take our word, see what the media says about Bhatt.ca. We have got over 1000s of positive reviews.


What would take another company six months, I can do in six weeks...he had a million global users and was riding high on his successes...that meant changing the way he viewed the software industry as well as the people around him.

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Raoul Bhatt has a client roster that would make entrepreneurs twice his age choke on their coffee. Think LG, Smirnoff and Garnier. He has staff in four different countries.

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Edmonton-based company are basking in the wake of being featured by Apple in its “Stickers We Love” section. As of Monday, Booster Juice stickers had received nearly 1.9 million impressions.

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Need more info? Have a look at the tech specs of what we can do.

Project Management



Graphic Design


Quality Assurance

Ongoing Support


Client Management


We are a small group of coders, hackers and designers from the differrent parts of the world lead by a passionate and creative individual.

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Raoul Bhatt

CEO & Creative Director


Here’s a roadmap of our product to highlight the milestones from the initial phase to delivery and future updates.

Week 1

Planning and Documentation

Week 2

Wire-framing and Mapping

Week 3

User Interface Design

Week 5

Database Development & Coding

Week 7

Beta Competition & QA

Week 12

Your App Launched Live!


Are you ready to launch your app?

As the number of apps in the market skyrocket, the challenges for app marketers continue to grow. While some miraculous overnight successes will pop up every now and then, having an app marketing plan in place now is crucial to the success of every app. Get started with Bhatt.ca

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